AMNY: Subway stations without garbage cans cleaner, fewer rats: MTA

am ny subway station

From: AM New York There is less trash and fewer rats lurking at subway stations where garbage cans have been nixed, the MTA said Thursday. The agency began experimenting with taking out the cans as part of a pilot program in 2011 to decrease the number of garbage bags in stations — as well as the rats that munch on … Read More

Daily News: Rats Gone Wild on New York City Street

ny daily news rats

From New York Daily News: Rats disgusting! A mob of rats was spotted kicking the tires on a parked Honda early Thursday morning, fearlessly scurrying about and frightening passersby. The rodents roamed Ave. D near 10th St. outside a market in Alphabet City, making an easy meal of the overflowing garbage from a nearby can. Veteran Daily News photographer Sam … Read More

NYT: New York City Escalates the War on Rats Once Again

nyc subways rats

From The New York Times: For centuries, New York City’s white whale has been the common rat. Traps have been set and poisons brewed, to little apparent effect. Emergency conclaves have been called at City Hall. There have been 109 mayors of New York and, it seems, nearly as many mayoral plans to snuff out the scourge. Their collective record … Read More

Wired: Plague, Fleas, and the Rats of New York City

rat basement nyc

From Slate Magazine: IN 2013, NEW YORK City’s Health Department made over 95,000 rat inspections. The Health Department keeps tabs on rats because they are well-known filth spreaders, but it’s the little insects living on rats that infect humans with some of our most feared diseases. Rat fleas transmit plague, as well as several other things you really don’t want to catch. The last … Read More