Why poison the workplace, scatter infected carcasses, and risk harm to humans and other animals?

Ekomille only fights rats and mice!

Welcome to the world of safe, eco-friendly rodent control

Environmentally Friendly

cat This ecologically safe system uses natural food proven to attract rats and mice.

100% Contained Pest Control

rat iconThe pest control operator is now able to count how many pests are eliminated. The carcasses are safely contained.

Safe for Use Anywhere

safety icon blackNo poisons or substances harmful or dangerous to children and pets. 100% Safe for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants or agri-businesses.

ekomille >Effective

Ekomille is an effective system for catching mice and rats ecologically, assuring hygiene and safety. Years of study and research has resulted in a totally natural system.

>Works Simply

The animal is attracted by the smell of natural feed and is instantly captured as soon as it tries to eat by activating a sensitive mechanism, allowing continuous and multiple captures.

>Ecological and Safe

Ekomille does not use poisons or harmful substances. Only natural feeds ensuring the safety of children and non-target animals. Containing the captured rodents ensures a clean and healthy environment.

>Prevention and Monitoring

The Ekomille product range provides a comprehensive solution to rodent control. It is effective for prevention, monitoring, eradication and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

The most humane and safe solution to

New York City’s Rat Problem